City of Dubrovnik - UNESCO protection

Dubrovnik - "Pearl of the Adriatic"

City walls, the main attraction of Old Town Dubrovnik with its complex system of forts, towers and detached forts, are the most important feature of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik as the symbol of the white stone beauty is now known as the Pearl of the Adriatic. It has retained the medieval walls so perfectly and that is the reason why Dubrovnik is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. The City of Dubrovnik is completely surrounded with defensive walls and forts including the Old Port in length of 1940 meters ( 6365 feet ).The walls were built systematically during the centuries in times when there was a danger of foreign attacks lured over the Dubrovnik Republic and the City. The walls are still functional today thanks to Dubrovnik citizens who maintained them and built upon them when it was necessary and Dubrovnik diplomacy who was able to obviate the enemy threats to the Republic.

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Houses in the Old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia.
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City Walls Walking Tour

Magnificent city walls that surround our old town are a statement of wealth and safety. For centuries, they were a protection from perils, pirates, foreign conquerors.

Dubrovnik game of Thrones Tour
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Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour

Explore what Game of Thrones looks like in real life and also learn about similarities from Dubrovnik’s real history with the TV series.


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